First time in Berlin? Or are you one of the visitors caught up in a loop like scenario where you never get to understand what the city’s about? Don’t worry. Most Berliners don’t have a clue either. Which is why we offer a 60 minute crash course about everything you need to know about Berlin (and Berliners) but were afraid to ask. This Berlin bear bares all, and cuts straight to the essentials: no ageing stereotypical clichés, no past the sell-by date airport jokes, no fake travel guide news, and no boring numbers. (Well - apart from these three: 1237, 1961, 1989).
We accompany you through Berlin’s past, and present. We assist you through the city districts, from Adlershof in the former East through to Zehlendorf in the former West. Punkette or princess? Salafist or Hipster? We help you get behind the beard and box and label Berliners. By the end of the hour, you will know how to survive in this fickle, urban post industrial, post wall city, where even the toilet attendants carry out dress code controls, and everyone has a right to puberty.
We will answer your urgent questions: Where are the theatres, where the actors actually wear clothes? Currywurst or Doner? Or just go straight for a Berliner beer for the belly, and a schnapps for the synapses? And most important. At the end of the show - you will know how to piss off a Berliner.
BERLIN EXTRA HOT & SPICY is the ultimate travel guide with street cred and bite. After our happy hour it will be unlikely that you will ever quote the phrase: “Ich bin ein Berliner!”  (“I am a jam doughnut!”). But you should be closer to understanding why a rearranged heap of rubble in the middle of the Brandenburg prairie, built pretty much on sand, has become one of the hippest places to visit, in the world.
With: Rüdiger Rudolph, Sebastian Wirnitzer or Tina-Maria Aigner
Book: Robert Löhr    Director: Hans Kieseier    English adaptation: Mark Needham

Co-produced by Kabarett-Theater Distel and Theater Mogul GmbH.